New Media

Music Composition at the University of Louisville

Learn more about Music Composition at UofL! There is a subject index in the description you can use to skip to specific parts of the video.

0:20 Composition Seminar and Seminar Projects
2:37 Visiting Composers and Guests
4:36 Annual New Music Festival
6:14 The Grawemeyer Award
7:45 New Music and the UofL Symphony Orchestra
10:13 Funding for Graduate Students
13:34 Electronic Music Installations
14:32 The Music Library
14:46 Community and Collaborative Spirit
16:05 Credits
16:25 Bonus: Living in Louisville

Information presented is current to the spring of 2015. Produced by Justin Giarrusso. Interviewees include Uadani Buttó, Lydia Cox, Justin Giarrusso, Emily Howes, Chris Kincaid, Lauren Spavelko, Tyler Taylor, and Matt Wetmore. For more information, please visit us on the web at:…


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