A Look at Louisville Public Media (LPM)

Louisville Public Media (LPM) is a not-for-profit corporation serving our community with three distinct public radio stations: WFPL 89.3 FM provides local, national and international news, public affairs and cultural programming; Classical 90.5 WUOL is our city’s only classical music and fine arts radio station; and 91.9 WFPK showcases independent, alternative music and an array of musical genres.

The stations sustain more than 150,000 weekly listeners who share a desire for rigorous, independent journalism, long-form coverage of local news and culture, insight into national and international issues, and a breadth of musical exploration.

And Emile Cionitz Wrote:
What are the cultural events covered by LPM? Does LPM believe the St James Court Art Fair is actually a fair to present art? What other ‘cultural events’ are covered by LPM? Better yet, what do Louisvillians define as culture? In Louisville, culture is Derby, cards’ (or cats’ ) basketball and football, Bud-Light, Jesus music, and gun shows every 30 days. WFPK only takes up space on the radio dial and plays the most wholesome, superficial music by wholesome, superficial bands and individuals. Most of the music on WFPK could be picked to play at a southern baptist church picnic. The main problem is, Louisville is a conventional, conservative, religious southern town with many rednecks and hicks. Culture? Forget it. Many Louisvillians are born and raised in the USA, but, as adults, have difficulties with third-grade level English. These people have little interest in culture. This is why the Courier-Jornal’s feature pages do not highlight culture, but report on recipes and fashions. Louisville has little culture to report about. The only themes locals discuss are football and basketball, as well as basketball and football, and basketball and football, with a great interest in football and basketball. They also talk a lot about football and basketball. You get the point? Louisville’s interests are extremely limited, the people have little interest in other cultures or the outside world. Most of the population could just as well be living in a concrete bunker about one mile beneath the Earth’s surface. WFPK should be eliminated and replaced with sleeping pills.The best news sources about current affairs in the US and the world originate outside the USA.

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